Brian Haggard's Crazy Quilt Retreat

What it is . . .

It's old world crazy quilting with current day materials, traditional technique and an artistic flair.  Show off your needle skills, weave in your family history, put your artistic imprint on fabric with a small crazy quilt.  We break down the process in to easy steps that build to create a personal masterpiece.

Your Crazy Quilt

We will be making a small (24 to 30") crazy quilt that includes:
    Photo transfers of your photos
    Silk Ribbon Embroidery
    Embellisment with fun findings

The instruction will include:
    Quick and Easy block assembly using the Judith Montano Five-Sided Method
    Demonstration, discussion and tips & tricks of photo transfer
    Aging techniques
    Embroidery design using your own drawings,  pre-printed transfers and drawings by the instructor.
    Embroidery stitches--basics and stitch combinations.
    Silk Ribbon stitches
    How to embellish your crazy quilt
    How to add borders and finish your quilt.

We will provide . . .

A kit with all the fabric, photo transfers, embroidery floss, silk ribbon and embellishments that you'll need to make your crazy quilt top.

You'll need to bring

A sewing machine
Rotary cutter, cutting mat and at least a 24" ruler and a 12" square ruler
Embroidery needles of various sizes:  sharps and tapestry
Scissors and the other sewing paraphernalia that makes you happy.
Neutral color (beige) cotton thread for your sewing machine
An iron

Please be "scent"sitive

For the benefit of those allergic to perfumes, colognes, body sprays and scented haircare and skincare products.  Please be considerate and refrain from wearing fragrances during the retreat.   Thank you very much for this kindness--it will make a better weekend for all of us.